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family on hike saying don't suffer from alleries another minute

Allergy Treatment and Solutions


At Advanced ENT & Allergy Center, we treat our allergy patients in a variety of ways – ranging from symptom management with medicines to ultimately curing your allergies using immunotherapy. When it comes to treating your allergies, you have a number of options. We can help you explore the benefits of each so you can choose which option is best for you. Some of these options include:

Allergy Drops

Dr. Daus is proud to offer allergy drops as a cure to environmental and seasonal allergies. The only cure for any inhaled allergy is desensitization, which increases your immune system’s tolerance to allergens over time. This treatment can be administered under the tongue daily through the use of allergy drops. At a microscopic level, allergy drops work much like shots, slowly desensitizing you to your allergies, and teaching your body not to react to allergic stimuli the way it has been. If you are a good candidate for allergy drops, your bottle will be mixed specifically for your allergies and their severity levels, based on the results from your skin test. One bottle contains a 3-month supply of allergy drops and is mailed directly to your home. Three drops a day under your tongue is all it takes to rid you of your allergies. It doesn’t get much easier or more convenient than that. With today’s busy lifestyles, drops are an ideal solution for many of our allergy patients. Learn more about allergy drops.

Allergy Shots

A series of weekly injections are administered to patients for a 3 to 5-year period. Shots are tapered off during the final 1 to 2 years. These injections cause your body to make blocking antibodies, stopping the allergic reaction from taking place. Patients taking injections are trained in our office to safely give the shots to themselves at home. Office visits are only needed when increasing the concentration of the immune therapy, usually every ten weeks for a total of 4 visits. Most insurance companies cover injections, though co-pays apply to each office visit.

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