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Allergy Drops with caption Allergy drops are a time saving and painless alternative to shots

Allergy Drops


Dr. Daus is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest quality of care.  He realized that the standard "allergy shots" were to time intensive for today's fast pace lifestyles. He was introduced to "allergy drops" as a new way to treat allergies, which was as effective and more convenient than "allergy shots." He is proud to offer this treatment option to Atlanta!  Dr. Daus continues to be a leader in the diagnosis, management and cure of environmental inhalant allergies.

At the cellular level, allergy drops work the same ways as allergy shots – by introducing your immune system to small amounts of the allergen over an extended period of time. This causes your body to make blocking antibodies to your allergen triggers, eventually stopping the allergic reaction from taking place.

Allergy drops can get rid of your allergy symptoms with only three drops under your tongue daily. 

It doesn’t get any easier or more convenient than allergy drops. Don’t suffer from allergies for another minute!

Are Allergy Drops Safe and Effective?


Allergy Drops have been used around the world for more than 60 years, and many studies show that they are both safe and effective. Dosing levels and the route of administration are safe enough to effectively treat most people suffering from chronic conditions that previously made them unable to receive immunotherapy via shots.

As a physician treating allergies in Atlanta, Georgia, I have seen a strong track record of safety and success with this form of treatment. And our practice isn’t the only one – the World Health Organization has endorsed sublingual immunotherapy as a viable alternative to injection therapy. Additionally, the Cochrane Collaboration, the world’s most-trusted international organization dedicated to reviewing healthcare treatments, recently concluded that Allergy Drop immunotherapy significantly reduced allergy symptoms and the need for allergy medications in clinical trials.

The safety profile for sublingual immunotherapy is superior to injection immunotherapy based on research studies and patient treatment experience. Systemic reactions occur 3x less with sublingual, and there has never been an anaphylactic reaction (life threatening) recorded using sublingual treatment.

Compliance has not been studied extensively. However, one large managed-care organization did find 50 percent of patients receiving allergy shots dropped out of therapy during the first year. In looking at sublingual compliance among patients in many of the studies identified previously, approximately 90 percent of patients complete their treatment.

Allergy Drop Sub-lingual bottle of medicine
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