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Lady with tissue to nose around an allergic plant with caption Allergy Testing

Treatment Steps

Testing and Evaluation

At Premier Allergy Center, we treat allergies specific to the Atlanta Georgia area. Our allergy testing panel includes the most common environmental inhalant allergens in Colorado and the surrounding region. We test for allergies to dust, cats, dogs, feathers, horses and the most prevalent trees, molds, weeds, brush and grasses in the area. During your hour-long in-office skin test, we are able to determine the allergies you have and the severity of those allergies. If intra-dermal (skin) allergy testing is not an option for you or your child, we can use blood testing to identify allergies. At the conclusion of your test, you will meet with Dr. Daus to discuss your treatment options.

Environmental Control

Once allergies are confirmed, we help patients find ways to avoid allergens by suggesting changes in diet and lifestyle when possible.


To help reduce symptoms, you might be prescribed medications, such as non-sedating antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays to help reduce allergic inflammation. Patients who choose to start allergy drops notice that their need for medication decreases as their time on drops increases.


Allergy drops and allergy shots are customized for each patient’s specific allergies. Both forms of immunotherapy help alter the disease state so that eventually, allergic reactions are no longer a problem. With allergy drops, patients are able to be treated at home daily. Allergy shots, on the other hand, require weekly office visits and co-payments. Several antigens may be mixed in one bottle of allergy drops or one vial of allergy shot serum, so that all of your allergies are being treated at the same time. Visit our allergy drops page for more information.

Lady with tissue to nose around allergins
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