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Easy Health Strategies that Will Make

You Feel Great and Won’t Break the Bank

Girl Running

Article by Jennifer McGregor

No one has endless time or money to put towards their health. Thankfully, being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, and with a few simple strategies you can eat better and stay active without disrupting your daily routines. With these head-to-toe health strategies, you’ll feel great without spending all your free time or all your hard earned cash on your health.


Smart Grocery Shopping


Eating healthy will help you feel great both physically and mentally. It’s hard to resist the junk food you have in the cupboard, so start by tossing out all the sugary, fatty, and very salty food. Take some time to clean out the fridge and pantry, and start fresh.


At the grocery store, avoid the temptation to buy sugary treats or fatty foods. For smart shopping, make a grocery list before you go, and stick with it! This will save you time and money, and you can shop smart with minimal effort. When your kitchen and pantry are full of healthy foods, you don’t have to feel guilty about what you eat. The best healthy snacks include fresh fruits, chopped veggies with hummus, and trail mix.


Switching Out Your Soda


Do you always reach for a soda or coffee with too much sugar? If sugary drinks are your default, an easy strategy you can implement is to switch out your soda for fruit-infused water or herbal tea. Not only will this have a huge impact on your health, it will save you money too! You can still indulge in a coffee in the morning, but try drinking it without the sugar, and stop drinking caffeine after lunch.


Choosing Healthy Restaurants


It’s hard to stick to healthy eating when you want to eat out, and it can be tempting to eat at a fast food restaurant that’s full of fatty, fried food. While it’s better for your health and easier on your wallet if you make your own meals, you don’t need to commit to meal prep all the time if your schedule doesn’t allow it. An easy change you can make is choosing healthy restaurants that serve budget-friendly dishes. Find these healthy options, make a list, and eat out guilt free, knowing you’re doing the right thing for your health.


Adding Exercise


Do you work in front of a computer all day? If you have a job that keeps you glued to your desk, add exercise to your daily routine by taking a few short, active breaks throughout the day to move around, stretch, go for a short walk, or do some squats or pushups—just make sure you wear the right footwear to avoid injuries. You don’t need to find time to go to the gym or pay expensive membership fees. Even five to 10 minutes of activity a day will help you feel more focused, have more energy, and manage a healthy weight.


Tracking Fitness


To stay on top of your exercise routine, use smart tools to stay on track. A smartwatch or fitness tracker can help you be motivated to participate in more physical activity, such as climbing the stairs or following a workout video. These devices will show you how many calories you’ve burned, what your active heart rate is, and other useful stats. Whether you want a fitness tracker from Fitbit, Samsung, or Apple, you can find great brand names at discounted prices if you know where to look. Try looking on deal sites. such as Rakuten, that will help you add exercise into your routine without spending too much money.


Finding Motivation


Whether you need motivation to shop smarter, eat healthy, exercise more, or make time to relax, you can easily find it on social media. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can connect with like-minded people, join a two-week health challenge, and hold each other accountable. Finding motivation will help you stick to your goals until they become healthy habits.




Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Try these easy and budget-friendly head-to-toe health strategies on a daily basis, and see what a difference a few weeks can make. With dedication and some planning, you can enjoy feeling and looking amazing without making huge changes to your daily routine or lifestyle.

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