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Mother getting ultrasound

Three Smart Reasons for Early Prenatal Care


1. Keep Track of Your Baby’s Development

Regular prenatal visits provide important insight into the development of your growing baby. Your OB doctor will perform an ultrasound and measure your belly at each visit to ensure your baby is growing at a healthy and normal pace.

2. Reduce Risk of Complications

While complications are rare, prenatal care is essential when it comes to detection of serious health risks. Catching potential problems early on, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, will give your doctor enough time to decide on proper treatment.

3. Take Important Tests to Detect Abnormalities

At your earliest appointments, the OB/GYN will evaluate your medical and family history to determine if there are any specific tests you need to take to detect potential abnormalities. For example, there are tests used to check for Down Syndrome or uterine infections. Without seeing a doctor, there’s no way of knowing what to expect with your unborn baby.

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